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Birthday Celebration Football Musical Candle

Football music candle is a toy for birthday cake to create happy atmosphere. 

SKU: CF2026E

Categories: musical candle, party supplies, football music candle

Quick details
Item No.:CF2026EPacking:100/1
Description:Football Musical Candle- 8 candlesUSAGE:Indoor or outdoor party romantic time
Type:Party supplies (not fireworks)MOQ:50 cartons
Function:Music, Rotate or not rotate
Place of origin:Liuyang, China



1. Can you give me low prices?

A: We will give our clients the best prices based on reasonable profit.

2. Can you invite me to China?

A: We are registered company, we can send invitation to you.

3. Can we have your samples to test?

A:because fireworks is 1.4G dangerous goods, it can't be sent by express. We can send the videos to you. Welcome to visit our company as well.


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