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Cat. F1 sparklers fireworks are hot selling in EU market

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In 2020, COVID-19 has swept the world, and almost all countries have suffered severe economic recession. In such a bad economic environment, because fireworks are a non-necessity of life, and the governments of many countries have issued regulations banning the sale of fireworks, the fireworks industry has suffered a devastating blow. At the same time, we found an interesting phenomenon, that is, Cat. F1 fireworks products, such as sparklers, party fountains, and small fireworks that can be sold in supermarkets, are very popular in the EU market. When unable to go out due to the epidemic, people can enjoy the joy of fireworks at home.

Champion Fireworks has large fireworks factories, which can produce all kinds of F1 products. Customers are welcome to consult at any time.

Cat. F1 sparklers fireworks are hot selling in EU market1

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