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Difficult to find one empty container

Time : 2021-02-26 Hits : 78

Starting from the fourth quarter of last year, containers have gradually become "difficult to find one container", which has ushered in explosive growth for container manufacturers. Some container companies were still stepping up production to catch orders during the Spring Festival. At present, the hot market of "one container is hard to find" in China continues. Behind this is the effective control of China's COVID-19 epidemic situation and the strong demand for overseas orders. In particular, a large number of empty containers are stranded overseas and cannot be shipped back to China. These have created unprecedented high profits in the container industry and stimulated a number of downstream enterprises. In 2020, the number of new container enterprises reached 45,900. The selling price of containers was also rising. In the first half of last year, the price of a 20-foot container was US$1,600 each, and now it has risen to a maximum of US$3,600. The price of the popular 40-foot container has risen to US$5,950, and the price has doubled. A record high. In response to the shortage of containers, China Customs has taken some measures to improve the efficiency of customs clearance. Every time the finished new containers are off the production line, and pass the inspection by the customs, then they are basically sent directly to the terminal for use.


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