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Live video sample testing for Malaysia customer

Time : 2021-01-05 Hits : 117

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, international personnel cannot flow freely, which prevents fireworks importers from coming to visit Liuyang fireworks factory and test products. Champion Fireworks uses network live video platform to actively provide customers with remote sample test. At 7 pm on December 1, 2020, we conducted a live video broadcast of sample test for Malaysian fireworks customers at the fireworks test yard of Dayao Town, Liuyang. Many popular happy boom fireworks products in the Malaysian market were set off, including 8 feet red crackers, Happy boom red cracker-cake, celebration cracker, 16 shot cake, 25 shot cake, 138 shot cake, Pop pop, glow of sunset sparklers, 10 cm birthday candle, roman candles, 7 inch gold sparkler, 18 inch color sparkler, 7 inch/ 10 inch/ 11 inch/ 13 inch/ 15 inch conic fountain fireworks, pili cracker, sky dragon, etc. We received customers' recognition of the quality of our fireworks products.

Live video of fireworks sample testing for Malaysia customer

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