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The cancellation of the Orange Island fireworks display in 2021

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The Office of the Executive Committee of Changsha Orange Island Fireworks Display released an announcement on December 25, 2020: According to the needs of the COVID-19 prevention, after research, it has been decided that from January to March 2021, Changsha Orange Island will not hold fireworks display activities. The follow-up will be reassessed according to the epidemic situation.

Orange Island is a landmark attraction in Changsha, China. It is a small island in the center of the Hunan river, so it is an excellent place for fireworks display. There are many large-scale fireworks displays every year. These fireworks display have unique advantages, because Liuyang, as a world-renowned fireworks production base, has many excellent fireworks factories to provide high-quality fireworks display shells.

Orange Island fireworks display

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